Learning from different realities is more important than ever

In today’s world, contact is abundant, but connection is scarce. Yet, it is when we connect with others that we get to cultivate curiosity and expand our understanding.

We create learning experiences that connect people across cultural and socio-economic realities. Our classroom is South Africa. Business in society is our focus.

About us

Comersion is an academic studio – a place where creative work and academic insight meet. We partner with universities, corporations, social enterprises and community organisations to create high-impact immersive learning experiences for undergraduate and post-graduate students. Seeing how future business leaders gain professional and personal value from first-hand connections with emerging market realities fuels our work. Our extensive network of South African thought leaders and change makers from all walks of life bring the realness and inspiration that make the learning stick. We have received international acclaim for our innovative content and approach.

In-country immersions

Our classroom is South Africa – one of the world’s most unequal societies with many complex challenges, which requires business leaders to be adaptive, resourceful and inclusive.

We design our immersions around real-life business-in-society challenges, which take students beyond theoretical understanding to applied learning.


Immersion into South Africa’s VUCA context offers students the opportunity to broaden their view of the role of business in emerging markets and beyond, and explore new business models and ways of organising.

It is awareness of different realities combined with meaningful connections with the people who live these realities that gets us to stretch our notions of how the world works, and how we work.

Many aspects of the trip stuck in my mind as it truly broadened my understanding of other people and other circumstances.

Virtual immersions

Our award-winning virtual work gives universities and business schools a new global learning option – one that is carbon light and flexible, not leaving anyone behind.

We use multimedia storytelling, virtual reality, gamification and digital ethnography to bring the learning context alive in new and exiting ways.

Hybrid options with students engaging with South Africa and South Africans in a co-learning experience at home are a growing part of our programme portfolio.

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